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Facilities at The Knighton Hotel

Internet café

Welcome to The Knighton Hotel’s Coffee Shop, where connectivity and comfort converge in a cosy setting. Located within the elegant confines of The Knighton Hotel, our coffee shop offers a welcoming environment for everyone, extending far beyond the simple pleasure of a coffee break.

Why Make Our Coffee Shop Your Next Stop?

Our coffee shop stands as a beacon for those in need of a reliable internet connection, a quiet corner to work, or a warm space to gather with friends and family. It's a place where every visit promises a new experience, tailored to your needs.

Discover What We Offer:

  • Complimentary High-Speed Wi-Fi: Internet access for all your browsing, work, and social media needs.
  • Diverse Menu Selections: Explore our array of beverages and snacks. From energising coffees and soothing teas to our rich hot chocolate and refreshing soft drinks, we cater to all tastes. Our tea selection includes classics like Earl Grey and English Breakfast, alongside herbal and fruit teas, with options for small or large pots accompanied by a biscuit. Coffee enthusiasts will appreciate our range from Ristretto to Latte Macchiato, including decaf options and the special Café Mocha. For those with a sweet tooth, our hot chocolate varieties and assortment of cakes and puddings are a must-try. Additionally, we offer a variety of soft drinks, milkshakes, and snacks, ensuring choices for gluten-free and vegan preferences.
  • Seating Options Galore: Enjoy our indoor seating for a cosy vibe or opt for the outdoor area to bask in the scenic views.
  • Children’s Corner: A dedicated space with books, colouring sheets, and games to entertain our youngest guests.
  • A Space for Every Occasion: Ideal for focusing on work, hosting small meetings, workshops, and gatherings or simply enjoying the serene atmosphere and beautiful surroundings.

A Unique Blend of Convenience and Charm

At The Knighton Hotel's Coffee Shop, we're passionate about providing a space that goes beyond serving excellent coffee and snacks. It's a place where productivity meets relaxation, offering the ideal setting for every visit. Whether you're aiming to complete work tasks, hold casual meetings, or unwind, our coffee shop is ready to welcome you. Experience the unique blend of a coffee shop convenience with The Knighton Hotel's distinctive charm and hospitality.

Step into our coffee shop and discover your new favourite spot, where every visit is an opportunity to enjoy our offerings in a space designed just for you.


Event Spaces at The Knighton Hotel

Whether you're hosting a corporate meeting, a milestone celebration, or a smaller gathering, our selection of thoughtfully designed spaces at The Knighton Hotel ensures that your event is unforgettable. At The Knighton Hotel, we understand that each event is unique. Our array of event spaces promises the flexibility and adaptability

  • For business meetings that demand professionalism, our large boardroom offers the ideal setting.

  • When smaller gatherings call for a dedicated space, our conference room comfortably accommodates up to 20 people.


Dining Room 

Elevate your next business meeting or special occasion to new heights at The Knighton Hotel's expansive dining room. Whether for a refreshing coffee break during meetings or a relaxed prelude to a celebration, the dining room at the Knighton Hotel will accommodate your every need.


Communal Kitchen 

Our communal kitchen offers long term guests the flexibility to enjoy your favourite dishes just the way you like them, making your stay at The Knighton a true home away from home experience. Long-term guests can have access to the communal kitchen by prior arrangement when booking."